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Our Story

The Story began with dreams, passion and efforts of an entrepreneur Mr. Jimmy Chacko nourished with the contribution of young minds across Arabia, Italian and South American region, quickly the concept grew into a thriving fragrance business in USA, Canada, Middle East and beyond.   

With a focus on quality and luxury, Jimmy Aventus offers a range of specialized ultra luxury product profile that are designed to enhance the overall experience of its customers. Jimmy Aventus prides itself on its attention to detail and personalized service for our ultra-high-net-worth individual around the globe.   

Following the Group’s anniversary, JA forges ahead continuing to redefine luxury while celebrating Middle Eastern creativity, Italian craftsmanship, and French innovation.    Our vision is to be a leading global perfumery products provider.

We will consistently seek to provide services and products that are recognised as a market-leading. And we will endeavour to exceed our customers' expectations and deliver superior returns. Our mission is to provide something different -an innovative, affordable products.

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